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Mark has been my teenage son’s athletic trainer, as well as my family’s personal trainer for almost 4 years. Mark is fun to work out with and has a ton of positive energy; plus he has integrity and vast knowledge of health and fitness. He stays on top of current trends and if he doesn’t know something, he looks into it. Mark excels at motivation, and he customizes each workout individually to make it challenging and relevant while focussing on the correct form. He goes the extra mile to accommodate customer’s needs and is fully engaged in each training session. My son has made vast improvements in speed and strength, allowing him to excel at several high school and club sports, at high levels of competition.

Mark has also become a life coach to my son, helping him to make the right choices around grades/school, nutrition/supplements, hydration, proper sleep, etc., as well as setting goals for the future, whether it’s sports and competition, education, or career. Mark has also helped all of us with recovery from minor and major injuries and regularly provides advice on training techniques and moves. He’s definitely one of the best, and we are all stronger, faster and healthier because of him. Highest recommendation! 

Marilyn C.

I am 63 years old and mother to two grown-up, very athletic, children. Since turning 60, they’ve both been on my case to be more active, which truth be told doesn’t come naturally to me. Luckily, in 2017,  I met Mark and suddenly I had access to the best personal trainer ever (I did try a few over the years, but could never stick to a routine for very long).

I find Mark’s unique training routine well balanced, combining weight-bearing exercises with other targeted strength training.  Mark tailors the training to account for my reduced shoulder mobility so that when I leave the gym I’m never in pain and indeed look forward to the next session.  

Thank you Mark for making me feel better both physically and mentally over the last 3 years!

Irina G.

The idea of a personal trainer always seemed a fluffy to me - you should just do it yourself. I was wrong. In my late 40s, my old exercise habits were holding me back from the strength I needed to feel strong and capable despite not being 20!

After suffering post-concussion headaches, I was looking to build strength safely and with compassionate guidance. Mark nailed it. He continues to select exercises that build my muscles and stamina while avoiding aggravating injured neck muscles. Mark is knowledgeable, compassionate and holds me accountable even when work and family commitments yell loudly.

Claudia M.

I've been training with Mark for a couple of years now, and absolutely love it.  Mark's attention to my personal fitness goals and overall health is outstanding, I really trust Mark has my best interests in mind for every training session. I've gotten stronger, and even a better posture after working out with Mark. I can highly recommend Mark to anyone, of all ages, interested in increasing their general fitness and strength, or working towards specific goals or events.

Sue F.K.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
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